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University of New Mexico
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Strolling across the UNM Campus is like visiting the "Land of Enchantment" in microcosm. From its Pueblo Revival architecture through its streets lined with majestic pines and shady trees, to the multi-cultural artwork displays and even a small waterfall and duckpond, UNM displays in miniature much of what the state of New Mexico is all about. Founded in 1889, and located on 600 acres along old Route 66, UNM represents a wide cross-section of cultures and backgrounds, serving well over 26,000 students each year, with another 7,000 or so attending various branch campuses and education centers. UNM boasts some outstanding faculty members, including a Nobel Laureate, and offers 210 certificate and degree programs, with 93 bachelor's degrees, 68 master's degrees and 37 doctoral programs. There are also three fine professional schools at UNM: the schools of law, medicine and pharmacy.