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Old Town
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Location: Off Central and Rio Grande
Open Daily
Old Town is the very heart of Albuquerque's heritage. 2006 marks the tricentennial of the founding of Albuquerque in 1706, right along the banks of the Rio Grande, and Old Town still permits residents and visitors to get a feel for what life was like at the time. Formed in the traditional Spanish pattern of a central plaza surrounded by church, homes and government buildings, Albuquerque was a farming village and also a military outpost. A number of these original homes are still standing, and have been renovated into the many picturesque businesses that now line the Plaza. San Felipe de Neri church still stands in its original position on the north side of the Plaza, and is at the same time both a modern parish and an example of New Mexico's historic past. A walk along the plaza reveals Native American craftsmen displaying their hand-crafted turquoise and silver jewelry and other Wouthwestern art forms.